Wastewater Range (WW)

The Wastewater Range

The most advanced portable Wastewater Pump Range on the European market.

Incorporating Stage 5 emission compliant engines with the unique “Warrior” pump end. These are able to handle the most challenging wastewater applications. Including raw sewage containing rag and other solids. Whilst still maintaining efficiencies of up to 80% – almost double that of other pumps.

Combining these two critical features with standard build items, such as 50cfm dry prime pump, and patented Cycloseal run-dry technology, means the DXB wastewater pump range can prime to 9m. Whilst also being able to maintain high suction lifts when pumping, unlike other sewage pumps with that lift performance.

Warrior pumpset sizes from 100mm to 300mm. Offering flows up to 1200m3/hr. Pressures of over 6.5bar. All with higher efficiency Warrior impellers that require less power, less fuel, and reduce the costs of pumping. For non-Warrior applications, DXB Pump & Power offers a range of large solids handling pumps (up to 250mm). Capable of flows up to 8000m3/hr and heads beyond 10 bar all with high-efficiency impellers up to 85% efficiency.

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S600-30 pumpsets