SS130/150 – Sand and Slurry Pumpsets

DXB SS130/150

Compact Sound Attenuated 80mm Pumpset Stage 5 Final Compliant

(Emission Compliant for EU Markets)
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mp series pump

SS130/150- Designed using almost 30 years of experience the DXB Pump and Power slurry pumpsets uses the MP & SM range of mining and quarrying pumps. With flows up to 1400m3/hr and pressures up to 15 bar with efficiencies up to 78% whilst still passing solids up to 75mm.

Configured to be mounted in the DXB designed, sound attenuated, fully bunded canopies, all pumpsets come with the patented Cycloseal technology & hardened materials of construction as standard.

The range of pumps from 50mm to 200mm provide suitable performance for applications as diverse as bentonite pumping for drilling rigs and tunnel boring machines and when manufactured with Stage 5 emission compliant engines or IEC3 motors are perfect for sites in cities where reduced noise and environmental pollution are critical to site owners.

For open mining and quarrying applications, the DXB Pump & Power sand and slurry pumpsets are completely suitable for applications where high solids content pumping is seen such as silt return pumps, silt management systems and process plants for sand and gravel washing.

Pumpset Discharge Size80
Maximum Flow (m3/hr)190
Maximum Head (m)170
Solids Handling Size (mm)22
Maximum Speed (rpm)1800
Maximum Power Required (kW)105
Maximum Power Required (kW) at BEP (1750rpm)98
Fuel Consumption (lph) at BEP (1750rpm)30
Fuel Tank Size (Litres)450
Maximum Run Time at BEP (2000rpm) (integral fuel tank)15 hrs
Sound Rating at 7m60
Dry Weight (kg)2350
Wet Weight including fuel (kg)2750
Dimensions (LxWxH) m3 x 1 x 2
Engine Specifications
Engine TypeDeutz TCD2.9
Displacement2.9 Litres
Emission ratingStage 5
Maximum Continuous Power90
Pump ModelCRP502315MP

Recommended Applications

  • Dredging
  • Sand & Gravel pumping
  • Wash pump return water
  • Lagoon pump
  • Drilling mud pumping


CD4MCu Stainless Steel Construction

Corrosion and wear resistant material for more arduous applications. With pH challenges or light entrained solids often seen in dirty water mining applications or mud pumping.

Trailer or crash-frame

DXB are able to add more functionality to the e-range pumpsets by offering them as road legal trailers. Complete with pipe racks and accessory boxes as required. The company can also offer these pumpsets with an optional crash-frame as well.

RIGSAFE or ATEX configurations

DXB is experienced in designing and building pumpsets for use in explosive environments such as refineries and mining applications.

Remote monitoring and control

Through advanced electronics and control systems, DXB is able to offer remote monitoring systems of pumping equipment from centralised control locations using GSM and other technologies.


Cycloseal® System for extended seal life

Patented, self contained, single mechanical, seal housed in a dished backplate. Creating a cyclonic effect for efficient solids removal from seal area extending seal life and reliability.

Redi-Prime® dry prime technology

Positive sealing float box with 50cfm diaphram vacuum pump. Combined with oversized suction spools. Creating market leading suction lift capabilities and reliability of service.

Ductile and GG30 Gray Iron Construction

High quality materials of construction. Prolonging lifetime operation and reducing overall cost of ownership.

High Efficiency Impeller Designs with a maximum 78% on clear liquid pumps

Enclosed two vane impellers. Offering market leading performance and the lowest fuel consumption of any manufacturer

High quality materials of construction prolonging lifetime operation and reducing overall cost of ownership.


  • Stage V Final Emission Compliant
  • Maximum flow 190m3/hr
  • Maximum Head 170m
  • Best Efficiency Point (BEP) 130m3/hr at 150m head
  • Only 30 litres of fuel per hour
  • Suction lift to 7m
  • Outstanding NPSHr characteristics
  • 22 mm solids handling capability
  • 54% efficiency
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Maximum 1800rpm at 60 dB(A)
  • LEZ operation compliant
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