s-Range Sound Attenuated Pumpsets (SAP)

DXB s-Range

DXB s-Range – The UK’s highest performing sound attenuated general purpose pumpsets available in 80 to 200mm sizes with flows up to 1000m3/hr and heads of up to 110m.

DXB Pump design and manufacture the highest performing pumpsets on the European markets.

Using the Cornell pump ends, the s-range starts at 100mm and increase in size up to 300mm in size capable of flows up to 1500m3/hr and heads up to 180m whilst still passing solids up to 100mm in size.

Pump ModelPump Size (mm)BEP Duty Point (m3hr/m)Max Flow (m3/hr)Max Head (m)Max Solids (mm) Max Eff (%) Max Power Req (kW)
Low HeadSolids Handling
s450/25150450 at 2555050767845 - 444
55 - F3.8 Stage 5
s500/40150500 at 4063072767868 - 444
65 - F3.8 Stage 5
s650/30200650 at 3090058767868 - 444
65 - F3.8 Stage 5
s750/40200750 at 401000727678100 - 444
Medium HeadSolids Handling
s350/65150350 at 6540080767388 - 444
80 - F3.8 Stage 5
s450/60150450 at 60600907682100 - 444