hh-Range Sound Attenuated High Head Pumpsets (SAP)

DXB hh-Range

DXB Pump & Power design and build the largest range of engine driven, sound attenuated, high pressure pumpsets of any UK or European manufacturer today.

We design and build Stage 3b and now Stage 5 emission compliance pumpsets as standard using the highly efficient, ultra-powerful Cummins 3.8 litre, 4.5 litre and 6.7 litre engines as well as the advanced Scania engines from Sweden available in 9 litres, 13 litres and of course, 16 litre configuration, making this range of pumpsets the cleanest and most environmentally friendly range of high pressure pumpsets in the world.

DXB also custom build sound attenuated canopy units above 500kw which are powered by both Cummins and CAT up to 1000kw in size mainly incorporating the 27-50 litre engines in Stage 2 format.

All out canopy units are designed in house and manufactured using the highest grade of materials ensuring low noise, low carbon emissions and finally reduced running costs of any range of pumpsets available today.

  • Built only with Cornell pumps with 80+ years of experience
  • Available from 80mm to 300mm
  • Flows over 2000m3/hr
  • Heads over 200m
  • Solids handling capability up to 100mm
  • Dry run capability
  • 50cfm vacuum priming pump for fast priming
  • Cornell patented Cycloseal system for prolonging seal life
  • Sound attenuated to as low as 70dB(A) at 7m
  • Stage 2-5 engine availability from Cummins, CAT, Perkins/JCB and Scania
  • Stage 2 larger engines from Cummins and CAT
The pumpset models are defined by their flow and head at the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) so our six inch high head pump hh600/190 will do exactly 600m3/hr flow at 190m head (subject to your system). All you have to do is choose the closest model to your specific system requirements and the correct pump will show below.
Pump ModelPump Size Suction x Discharge mmBEP Duty Point (m3hr/m)Max Flow (m3/hr)Max Head (m)Max Solids (mm)Max Eff (%)Max Power Req (kW)Emission Level
Max Heads100-130m
hh300/120150 x 150300 at 1204251405070200 Scania DC09Stage 5
hh500/100200 x 150500 at 1007001257670230 Scania DC09Stage 5
hh1000/100300 x 2501000 at 10012501307680375 Scania DC16Stage 5
Max Heads130-160m
hh200/140150 x 80200 at 1402501501568150 Scania DC09Stage 5
hh500/130150 x 150450 at 1505001957673295 Scania DC13Stage 5
hh1000/150300 x 2501000 at 15013001702580650 CAT C27Stage 2
Max Heads160-200m
hh140/175150 x 80130 at 2001602051255150 Scania DC09Stage 5
hh300/180150 x 100300 at 1803602052065300 Scania DC13Stage 5
hh600/190250 x 200600 at 1907501803076485 Scania DC16Stage 5
hh1150/200300 x 3001150 at 20013002206080710 CAT 3516Stage 2