hq-Range Sound Attenuated High Flow Pumpsets (SAP)

DXB hq-Range

DXB Pump & Power are the first and only UK based pump manufacturer offering Stage V emission compliant pumpsets for use in ULEZ and NRMM locations in cities like London.

Designed and manufactured less than 90 minutes from ULEZ London, the DXB high flow, low emission pumpsets are unashamedly high end pumpsets incorporating the market leading Scania Stage 5 emission compliant 9-16 litre engines with DPF, SCR and residential specification silencers, making the DXB Pump high flow pumpsets the highest performing, quietest on the market- by a very long way.

With flows up to 2500m3/hr and heads up to 100m, all of the DXB Pump high flow pumps offer market leading performance in terms of flows, heads and minimum amounts of pollution and noise.

Available as both skids, trailer mounted and fast-deploy hooklifts, the larger pumpsets are designed for use in all applications from sewage bypass in London, to quarries dewatering in the Peak District, it does not matter, they are built to last using uncomprimising quality components and skill.

  • Sound attenuated to as low as 70 db(A)

  • Stage 5 emission compliant

  • Fully bunded

  • Six doors for ease of service

  • Optimised design minimising regeneration demand

  • 80% hydraulic efficiency impeller with 85mm solids handling

  • Super quiet

NRMM low emission

Fully bunded, sound attenuated

_AC19304ver2 copy

Six door ease of access

_AC19321ver2 copy

Fully electronic including telemetry

2019-11-07 11.31.29

Spark arresting silencer

2019-11-07 11.30.59

Cornell high efficiency pump