Sound Attenuated Pumpsets (SAP)

Canopy Pumpsets (SAP)

Low CO2, low noise , sound attenuated, fully bunded pumpsets complete with either Stage 5 or less emission compliant engines for use in environmentally sensitive applications such as sewage bypass, quarries and flooding the highest efficiencies, lowest noise and fuel burn of any pumps in the world per m3 pumped.

All of the DXB Pump & Power Sound Attenuated pumpsets regardless of size up to 485kw, are designed to be the most efficient and environmentally focused diesel pumpsets in the UK and if not the European markets. With 90% of our product offering being EU Stage 5/EPA Tier 4 Final emission compliant and entirely suitable for use in Low Emission Zones (LEZ) regions.


More and more today, cities in Europe are demanding EU Stage 5/EPA Tier 4 Final emission compliance. DXB Pump & Power is at the very forefront of designing pumpsets that reach this and in some cases surpass the environmental laws of that region.

For regions with less stringent emission compliance, all of our pumpsets are available in Stage 2-3 emission compliance up to 1500kw. These can be installed in standard canopies up to 500kw or customer built canopies for larger engines such as the CAT C32- 3516 engines.

The Pump:

Using high efficiency Cornell pumps, DXB Pump & Power have designed their new range of high performance pumps. Including their high head pumps to operate at speeds between 1200rpm and 1800rpm, reducing fuel burn and consumption of reductant (Ad-Blu) to a minimum. In fact, DXB pumps operating at 1800rpm generate the same, if not more performance than our closest competitor having to operate at 2000rpm with an 8% saving in power and fuel consumption.

Features seen on the new range of higher head pumpsets include:

  • EU Stage 5/EPA Tier 4 Final emission compliant engines
  • DXB Autostart-stop control systems with optional telemetry
  • Larger diameter impeller pumps operating at lower speeds
  • Improved NPSHr characteristics leading to high suction lifts
  • Superior materials of construction offering reduced running costs
  • Heavy duty bearing housing with 50,000 B-10 bearing life
  • Direct SAE mounting offering reliable and vibration free installation
  • Fully bunded to 110% of all fluids including fuel
  • ATEX approved spark arrestor as standard