mh-Range Medium Head Pumpsets (OFD)

mh-Range Medium Head Open Frame Pumpsets

DXB mh-Range – DXB Medium head, high efficiency range of pumpsets capable of flows up to 1400m3/hr and heads up to 100m with a solids handling capability of up to 76mm

A comprehensive range of single stage dry prime, medium head pumps, capable of flows in excess of 1400m3/hr and heads of up to 90m. These are powered by a range of engines including CAT, Perkins, and Scania. Generally mounted on heavy-duty skids or trailers for use in mines, oil & gas, and industrial applications.

The pumpsets are designed in-house and built in the UK using certified welders and high quality materials of construction, ensuring a ruggedness not seen elsewhere. Complete with integrated fuel tanks offering a minimum of 12 hours run time, which can be extended to 48 hours if required.

Other features and optional extras include DXB Pump Storm & Stone Protection System, high quality LED worklighting, suction hose booms, and off road trailers include balloon tires for low ground compaction.

These pumps are designed with extremely heady duty bearing housings complete with oversized shafts and angular bearings ensuring smooth and reliable operation under any conditions.

Integrated features hydraulic balance lines, heavy duty castings, and high efficiency impellers are included as standard on all medium head pumps.

The pumpset models are defined by their flow and head at the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) so our six inch medium head pump hh600/50 will do exactly 600m3/hr flow at 50m head (subject to your system). All you have to do is choose the closest model to your specific system requirements and the correct pump will show below.
Pump Model Pump Size (mm)BEP Duty Point (m3hr/m)Max Flow (m3/hr)Max Head (m)Max Solids (mm)Max Eff (%)Max Power Req (kW)
mh600/50200600 at 50750632083110-JCB 444
110-Perkins 1104
mh140/7580140 at 7518080127245-JCB 444
45-Perkins 1104
mh200/75100200 at 7530075128175-JCB 444
70-Perkins 1104
mh500/75150500 at 75550932083145-CAT C7ACERT
166- Perkins 1106
mh225/90100225 at 90300951283100-JCB 444
90- Perkins 1104
mh300/95150300 at 953501052083105-JCB 444
110-Perkins 1104
mh600/90150600 at 90850902088200-SCANIA DC09
mh850/80200850 at 8011001152082310-SCANIA DC13