hs-Range Slurry Pumpsets (OFD)

hs-Range Slurry Open Frame Pumpsets

DXB hs-Range – DXB Slurry range of pumpsets capable of flows up to 2000m3/hr and heads of over 140m

The largest range of single stage specifically designed, dry-prime slurry pumps anywhere in the world capable of flows in excess of 2000m3/hr and heads of over 140m powered by engine or electric motor for use in the mining, offshore and industrial markets.

Integrated and patented features such as the patented Cycloseal system, High Strength Steel shafts with and high chrome materials of construction to 650BHN provides superior longevity in applications with high solids content compared with standard materials such as Ductile Iron also available.

These pumps are specifically designed with extremely heavy duty bearing housings complete with oversized shafts and double angular bearings ensuring smooth and reliable operation under any conditions.

The pumpset models are defined by their flow and head at the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) so our six inch high head pump hh600/190 will do exactly 600m3/hr flow at 190m head (subject to your system). All you have to do is choose the closest model to your specific system requirements and the correct pump will show below.
Pump ModelPump Size (mm)BEP Duty Point (m3hr/m)Max Flow (m3/hr)Max Head (m)Max Solids (mm)Max Eff (%)Max Power Req (kW)
hs200/110100200 at 1103501207670150
hs300/100100300 at 1003501257670175
hs450/80100450 at 80495955070200
hs525/125150525 at 1257501655075375
hs800/150200800 at 150140018010080650
hs1200/1003001200 at 100140014010080700