Open Frame Design Pumpsets (OFD)

Open Frame Design (OFD)

In-house designed heavy duty base skids or trailers with integrated tanks, central lifting bale and optional Storm & Stone Protection Systems (SSPS), 4.5m suction boom and safety accessories.

DXB Pump & Power design and manufacture the largest range of open frame, portable pumpsets in the UK. In fact, the company is the only British owned manufacturer focused only on designing, manufacturing, and selling such high performing pumps capable of flows up to 8000m3/hr or heads up to 400m

Our Open Frame Pumpsets are modular in design. You may choose the final design, whether that be from a simple skid mounted fuel tank, to a completely enclosed frame unit with our own “Storm and Stone” protection system. This protects your pumpset, engine, and pump from the environment and blasting damage.

Each of our DXB Open Frame Designs comes with an integrated fuel tank, complete with drain plugs. They are also manufactured in 6mm box section steel, ensuring integrity and robustness for use in the hardest environments.

Our “Storm and Stone” system includes four point lifting, roof panels, and caged doors to protect the valuable equipment. Such as control panels, engines and pump bodies on the frame.