hq-Range High Flow Pumpsets (EMB)

hq-Range High Flow Pumpsets (EMB)

DXB hq-Range – DXB High flow range of pumpsets capable of flows up to 10,000m3/hr.

The high flow pumpsets from DXB are designed to move as much water as possible, using the least amount of energy. Sometimes without compromising on pressure.

Through intensive design and focused execution, allowed through private ownership, our business guarantees that the solution we offer you, will have the smallest environmental cost and footprint possible without sacrificing robustness and build quality.

Our range covers flows from 500m3/hr to over 10,000m3/hr, in an open frame design complete with single or four point lifting frame. Powered by a variety of high efficiency engines and motors, making DXB your natural choice of partner for high flow pumps.

The pumpset models are defined by their flow and head at the Best Efficiency Duty Point (BEP) so our eighteen inch (450mm) high performance pump hq2000/50 will do exactly that (subject to your application).

Pump ModelPump Size (mm)BEP Duty Point (m3hr/m)Max Flow (m3/hr)Max Head (m)Max Solids (mm)Max Eff (%)Max Power Req (kW)
hq1400/653001400 at 6518001058580400- Scania DC16
hq2000/504502000 at 5030006012581500-CAT C27ACERT
hq3500/305003500 at 3035004012583500-Scania DC16
hq6500/157506500 at 1575003012585375 -Scania DC16