Low Head Frame Mounted Pumpsets (EMB)

Low Head Electric Pumpsets (EMB)

Low Head Long coupled baseplate mounted electric pumpsets powered by ABB Motors for high efficiency operation and lower costs of operation especially in 24 hours a day applications.

DXB low head, direct coupled pumpsets are ideal for fixed or mobile applications such as washplant feed pumps or dewatering where constant use requires high efficiency, low cost operation.

Designed around the Cornell RB & H series of pumps, complete with Redi-Prime priming gear and Cycloseal seal protection systems, these pumpsets are the most efficient and highest quality pumpsets on the market offering unrivaled performance and reliability.

High quality materials of construction including oversized seals and bearings lead to trouble free operation with up to 100,000 bearing life on some models underwritten with a market leading two-year warranty. All pumpsets are packaged with ABB premium IE3 efficiency motors (others available upon request) ensuring a quality end-to-end pumpset for your application.

The Cycloseal technology uses a patented design incorporating deflector vanes in the seal housing that centrifuge foreign particles away from the seal areas protecting the faces of the seals from abrasives and contamination often found in quarrying and dewatering applications.

The proven Redi-Prime technology integrates an oversized priming chamber offering substantial air separation times not seen in smaller “compact” priming chambers, avoiding liquid carryover and priming pump failure.

Heavy duty castings and an oversized bearing housing ultimately lead to a first class pumpset offering unrivaled years of high efficiency and low cost operation.

Pump ModelPump Size (mm)BEP Duty Point (m3hr/m)Max Flow (m3/hr)Max Head (m)Max Solids (mm)Max Eff (%)Max Power Req (kW)
lh100/3080100 at 3013037127816
lh200/30100200 at 3026035128520
lh200/45100200 at 4526053158735
lh300/30125300 at 3041042258836
lh400/40150400 at 4052050308853
lh550/30150550 at 3072035308950
lh700/40200700 at 40920503088100
lh1000/302501000 at 301410539080108
lh1000/452501000 at 451400709080175
lh1250/302501250 at 301460529080145
lh1250/452501250 at 4518507012084195
lh1500/303001500 at 3017506212084185
lh1500/453001500 at 4519507212084230