Electric Pumpsets (EMB)

Long coupled baseplate mounted electric pumpsets with ABB Motors for high efficiency operation

DXB can design and manufacture a variety of electric motor driven pumpsets including fixed installed, portable or floating.

From a range of some 120 pumps, the company can design a single stage solution with flows up to 9000m3/hr and heads up to 400m incorporating technology such as run dry mechanical seals, ultra high efficiency impeller designs and high grade materials of construction.

Our pump selection tabs are designed to make selecting your pump very simple.  By having such a large range, DXB have pre-selected the most economically and technically efficient pumpset for given duty points. This means you can select from a large number of solutions, the absolute most suitable pump for your job.

For even simpler equipment the company offer short deliveries on single stage self priming pumps offering flows up to 700m3/hr and heads beyond 5 bar whilst still being able to pass solids up to 150mm in size making them the pump of choice for those lower head self priming applications such as wheel washing or wastewater pumping.

Specialist sets such as those with explosion proof motors, variable speed drives and heavy duty transmissions all add to an extensive portfolio of capabilities, so should you require a custom solution, DXB probably has one.