Portable Pumpsets

Engine driven or electric motor powered pumpsets and hydraulic powerpacks

DXB Pump & Power is the preferred mining partner for Cornell Pump in Europe and has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing engine powered portable pumpsets up to 750kw using engines from Scania and Caterpillar. The company also designs highly reliable electric pumpsets using the ABB motors and variable speed drives for customers with extensive electrical supply.

We offer three distinct and comprehensive formats including Sound Attenuated Portable (SAP), Open Frame Portable (OFP), and Electric Motor Base driven (EMB). Designed for you to choose from our standard packages, with the additional option of adding features such as the Storm & Stone Protection Systems, remote monitoring, control packages, and uniquely, our Custom Built option supplying packages designed to your exact requirements.

All of DXB Pumpsets are available in Stage 5 through to Stage 2 emission compliance enabling users to purchase the optimum pumpset for their location.

In 2019 DXB Pump & Power directly entered the pump hire market, offering a cross-hire service to their chosen partners around Europe and Africa. With partners already in Denmark, Sweden, and other European regions, these companies invest in DXB smaller pumpsets with higher utilisation rates themselves and then cross-hire larger more powerful pumpsets from DXB Pump for those applications where higher performance is demanded.

With over 100 pumpsets on offer and a host of additional products and service, we are confident that DXB will be able to supply a pumpset that will surpass your expectations and deliver to your requirements.