SM Series

SM Mining Slurry Pump Series

The SM range of mining pumps from Cornell are the only dry prime, heavy duty slurry pumps specifically designed for portable mining applications but is the most robust and toughest hard iron pump ever built by Cornell.

Only available in High Chrome materials, this 100mm pump is capable of flows over 600m3/hr and pressures up to 8 bar in single stage pumping but due to its robust materials and design if able to undertake direct series pumping on site allowing for pressures up to 15 bar at source.

Every SM slurry pump comes with the patented Cornell Cycloseal system built in, ensuring that the mechanical seal problems seen on other manufacturers pumps are a thing of the past with a Cornell pump. The Cycloseal is specifically designed to centrifuge particles away from the seal faces leaving clear liquids to lubricate the seal and ensure longevity of life.

Other key features include adjustable wear plate to maintain efficiencies in the pump and heavy duty shafts and bearings to handle entrained solids with ease during the lifetime of the pump.