STX Self Primer

STX Range of wet prime pumps from 80mm to 250mm complete with Cycloseal® technology

The STX range from Cornell are the most advanced design of recirculation self priming pumps on the world markets.

Sizes ranging from 80mm to 250mm these pumps offer outstanding hydraulic performance and reliability underwritten by an industry leading five year warranty giving you peace of mind in the most difficult applications.

Incorporating features such as full Ductile Iron construction, 17-4PH stainless shafts and the world famous Cornell Cycloseal mechanical seal protection system, enables this pump range to offer the most reliable self priming pump solution on the market today.

The STX range of self priming pumps offer market leading performance including flows up to 900m3/hr or heads up to 50m whilst still being able to pass solids up to 76mm and still operate at 80% efficiency, unheard of performance before Cornell designed these pumps.

Ideal for applications in industry such as tank farms, industrial waste and oilfield muds, these rugged self priming pumps are super reliable and offer a lifetime of reliable pumping in most industries.