Self Prime

Self Prime range of solids handling pumps from 80mm to 250mm complete with Cycloseal® technology

Cornell’s popular self-priming series has the best efficiencies of any self-primers on the market. Designed with Cornell’s patented Cycloseal® sealing system to keep the seal area clear of debris, and ruggedly constructed for years of dependable operation with minimal maintenance.  The higher efficiency and lower maintenance requirements of Cornell’s self-priming pumps can translate into thousands of dollars saved in fuel costs, labour, and repairs over the life of the pump.

The Cornell Self Priming line is available in three ranges the STL, STH and finally STX and come with features such as the Cycloseal and Ductile Iron construction, 17-4PH stainless steel shafts making them ideal for solids laden applications seen in mining and quarrying such as wheel washing and washplant pumps.

All the Cornell self priming pumps are designed to operate at higher speeds and pressures to all current competitors offering a wider ranges of solutions for traditional applications that require self priming capabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty bearings with separate oil reserve
  • Back-pull out design for ease of maintenance
  • Self-cleaning adjustable wear plate
  • Patented Cornell Cycloseal® sealing system
  • Easily-replaceable suction check valve
  • Shimless impellers
  • Ductile Iron construction