Cutter Pump

Cutter Pump range of solids handling pumps from 100mm to 400mm complete with Cycloseal® technology

Cornell Cutter pumps address ragging and plugging. The Blade Cutter allows for minimal efficiency loss, with the Waste Warrior tackling aggressive plugging.  Installed pumps see dramatic increases in up-time, with thousands of dollars a year in savings.  Cornell can install the cutter assembly in more than 30 pump models.

Cutter Pumps feature the unique pushed-out rectangular design features of the Cornell frame will let you know it is Cornell pump. Look for the distinctive appearance of the angular, muscular frame, to know it’s a high quality Cornell pump.

Features & Benefits
  • Designed to break up clogs and prevent ragging
  • Hardened for long life
  • Shaped to minimize flow restrictions
  • Saves labor and downtime required to clean out clogs
  • Breaks up “flushable” wipes and other materials in municipal applications
  • Breaks up clumps of straw in manure applications
  • Heavy-duty bearings with separate oil reserve
  • Back-pull out design for ease of maintenance
  • Patented Cornell Cycloseal® sealing system