Pump Ends

Pump Ends

Redi-Prime, Wet Self-Prime, Hydraulic Submersible and Standard Centrifugal Pumps

DXB Pump & Power is the approved partner for a number of global pump end manufacturers based in the Americas.

This enables our customers to either package their own equipment or replace an existing pump end without the need to purchase an entirely new package. In fact, our organisation welcomes the opportunity to support our customers who may have an underperforming pumpset by replacing the pump with a quality alternative from one of our partners.

Upgrading the pump end ensures that efficiency is improved, fuel burn is reduced and running costs are minimised especially in applications where the pumpsets are running for extended periods.

With over forty models of dry prime pump and an extensive range of self priming, split case and multistage pumps, at DXB we are confident we will have a solution for your existing pumpset or new application.

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Cutter Gen 3
Cornell pump Solids handling