Mining & Quarry

Mining & Quarry

DXB Pump & Power is able to offer optimised critical mining and quarry dewatering and process pumps to keep your operation running smoothly.

Whether you require high flow dewatering pumps in a sand and gravel pit or high head submersible pumps for underground mines, DXB Pump & power have the right equipment for the job. Designed and built by people who understand the industry and your applications.

Sourcing key components from quality manufacturers based in Europe and the USA, DXB Pump & Power design and build pump solutions that are optimised to maximise the performance of your pumps and minimise your capital expenditure.

Using the world-class Cornell pumps, the DXB Pump engine driven designs are based on choosing the absolute perfect pump end for your application and driving it with the best possible prime mover whether it be a diesel engine or electric motor. By doing this we waste no money or energy in having to oversize the engine or motor because of reduced pump models and options.

Our proven engine suppliers such as CAT, Cummins, and Scania are widely used on mines throughout the world and we recognise that some mines prefer a particular engine brand over another especially when they are operating a particular fleet of equipment already on the mine.

In an industry focused on reducing running costs and improving efficiency, there is now no reason to have to buy pumpsets with oversized engines, especially when Stage 5 engines require optimised running,  when you can invest in a pump set absolutely optimised for your application. Reduce your fuel burn, reduce your emissions, and make substantial savings on fuel and service costs.

DXB Pump & Power – Around your clock, around your world.