DXB Pump & Power design and manufacture a large range of Stage 5 emission compliant irrigation pumpsets. These combine the cleanest engines with the highest efficiency pumps. Reducing pollution, costs and noise on farms throughout Europe.

The pumpsets are designed in sound attenuated and fully bunded canopies. This is to stop possible spillage of fuels, oils and other liquids on to the fields and crops. Representing the most environmental solutions for farms in the UK and beyond.

All the pumpsets are Stage 5 and electronic. Allowing for DXB control panels to control and monitor information such as flow rates, pressures and of course fuel consumption during irrigation seasons. For slurry applications, the pumpsets are capable of not only monitoring flow rates, but also suction lift conditions. This allows users to monitor inflows into the pumpset remotely from the tractor cab and any spreading system.

All DXB pumpsets come with optional telemetry, meaning they are capable of being managed remotely. Whether that be from tractors cabs by phone, or from the desk of the farm office if required.

Cornell Pumps are the preferred choice of pump and as the world leader in efficiency and performance the standard by which all other portable irrigation pumps are measured.

DXB Pump and Power – Around your clock, around your farm.