Machinery occasionally does go wrong. What is important is that DXB stands behind its designs and build quality to support you in the event of a breakdown.

DXB offer a conditional two year warranty backed up by our partners own warranty programmes on the pumps and engines.

In the first year we will cover any warrantable failure on the pumpset up to the first 2000 hours or 12 months whichever comes first. In the second year we will cover up to the next 1000 hours or 12 months, meaning that if you hardly use your equipment you get 24 months of coverage but if you do use it daily, you get 3000 hours of service.

That means on our smaller six-inch pump for example, you will have pumped over a million tonnes of water and we will still stand behind the warranty if it shows that the pump failed because of a build problem or material failure.

A major service of the equipment will be due at 5000 hours and that will most likely only entail consumables at that point, so your peace of mind is ensured from the very beginning.

On our STX wet self-prime pumps driven by electric motors, we offer an industry leading five year warranty on the pumps, so sure are we of their quality and performance, so if you want true peace of mind on these process pumps, we are sure this will help.