Product Support

Product Support

Product support at DXB starts before you purchase a pump from us.

Clearly understanding your requirements means we can design and supply the correct solution for your exact needs. Ensuring that we design the pumpset correctly does not only mean selecting the correct pump, it means selecting the correct engine or motor, mounting it in a manner that offers reliability and longevity as well.

This philosophy is backed up by our comprehensive product range from our partners. In fact, our pumpsets are designed around operating them at the lowest point of the fuel consumption curve to not only minimise your fuel costs but also massively increase the reliability of the equipment.

By having such a comprehensive range of pumps, having to operate our equipment above 2000rpm is rare, meaning the engines will last much, much longer. Occasionally, for those markets outside strict emission compliance zones where non-electronic engines may be used, we may specify a pump that could run at up to 2200rpm but never 2400rpm, a speed some way beyond any modern engines preferred operational speed of 1800rpm.

Today, modern Tier 4 engines are designed to operate at a very economical 1500rpm, and many of our pumpsets especially our e-Range are designed to offer market leading performance at this speed, so you get the best of both worlds; high performance and low lifetime running costs.

Ensuring we have spare parts and more importantly a can-do attitude unaffected by shareholder demands means that we do not compromise on our service. Our owners are our employees and therefore it’s in our own interest to stock spares and focus on delivering a high quality of service to you.

By doing this from the very beginning, we can ensure that you will get a great many years of reliable service from our equipment thus minimising your downtime and maximising your investment.