Why a DXB Pump?

Why a DXB Pump?

DXB Pump & Power was founded by its family owners to design and manufacture premium pumpsets. Doing this by using the finest equipment and offering them at very competitive prices. Utilising quality components from only the finest manufacturers, such as Cornell, Hydra-Tech, and key suppliers like Caterpillar, Scania, and WEG Motors – DXB Pump & Power manufacture the largest range of engine driven dry prime pumpsets of any company in the UK.

By stripping away the layers of corporate management and overhead, DXB Pump & Power is able to offer the highest quality equipment at unrivalled prices, direct from the manufacturing plant here in the heart UK the agricultural region.

The company is employee owned and for the last twenty years, those same employees have designed, manufactured, sold, commissioned, and supported their pumpsets in a variety of locations, including the Arctic Circle, Europe, throughout the Middle East, and of course, all over Africa.

DXB Pump & Power is unique, in that its owners are its experienced employees. We focus on a sustainable approach to our business using local suppliers where possible and investing in our team.

Whether you are a farmer in Zambia, a mine in Sweden, or a water company in the UK, DXB Pump & Power has the knowledge, experience and desire to support you and your business in managing your pumping in an environmental and sustainable manner.