DXB Pump & Power is privately owned by its team members. We are a new UK manufacturer that is excited about the opportunities to serve our customers in the UK and around the world.

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Rachel Flack joined DXB Pump & Power in September 2018 as the Production & Procurement Assistant in our operations office. Rachel has extensive experience in operations and process management as well as helping Matt run the family farm.

When Rachel is not working at DXB Pump, she runs the family which includes Matt, two rugby playing boys, a house build and over 40 head of cattle, proving the well known belief that women are far superior at multi-tasking than the chaps in DXB Pump.

Rob Garnham is our Lead Multi-Service Engineer in charge of production of the pumpsets and their servicing in the field. Rob joined DXB Pump having worked with Matt and Simon in a previous company where he maintained the £3m fleet of pumps in Ipswich for the local markets and more importantly those going to Europe.

Rob has enormous experience maintaining equipment having run a team of ten engineers and £17m of fleet in his previous role. His expertise covers engines up to 1500kw, gearboxes and pumps as well as being qualified in control and telemetry systems on mobile equipment.

When Rob is not being driven crazy by the sales team demanding shipments in the blink of an eye, Rob spends his spare time stock car racing and with his family walking, eating out.

Angela Duke, joined DXB Pump & Power in 2017 as its management accountant. Formally trained in accounting Angela manages the financal matters of the business including the monthly reporting to the shareholders and the Board.

When Angela is not being driven potty by her colleagues at DXB Pump, Angela loves to travel in the UK visting her family and taking care of her new “family” of pets that now fill her house and bring her a lot of joy and many stories she kindly shares with the engineers in DXB Pump & Power!

Matthew (Matt) Flack is the Operations Manager for DXB managing all aspects of design, manufacturing and supply of our equipment.

Matt has extensive experience of manufacturing a variety of equipment including pumpsets, generators and other machines used in agriculture, construction and engineering industries.

Matt started his work as an apprentice fabricator with an esteemed generator manufacturer and progressed through the various departments until being made Production Supervisor.

Matt then joined Simon in his first pump manufacturing company back in 2006 as Workshop Supervisor before moving into the Operations Managers role managing all aspects of engineering, manufacturing and production.

Highlights of Matt’s pumping career include building the first 750HP 30 inch portable  pumpsets in the UK, to managing a production run of over 120 pumpsets in a three month timeframe for an export project to the Middle East.

When Matt is not being upset by the sales team at DXB, he runs his own farm breeding cattle and ensuring his two boys continue the family Flack tradition of playing rugby for Stowmarket RFC and Suffolk.

Simon Ruffles is the founder of DXB Pump & Power.

His career in pumps began with an apprenticeship with a major oilfield services company in the Middle East. Over three years he was stationed in Dubai (when it only had one tall building), Syria, Libya and Bahrain where he trained to undertake well cementing, fracking and other forms of services in the oilfield.

After returning to complete his degree, Simon started work in the UK pump industry and subsequently joined Cornell Pump Company, the US leading portable pump manufacturer, later, moving to Gorman Rupp another fine pump manufacturer focusing on portable pumps for oil & gas, mining and construction and ran the European operations.

in 2001 Simon started, ran and developed his previous pump company Pioneer from a portacabin to a multimillion pound operation employing almost fifty people in two factories one in the UK and one in South Africa as well as a UK pump rental operation covering Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

In 2015, Simon along with the other shareholders sold Pioneer.

After a year long sabbatical, Simon has returned to business and founded DXB Pump & Power in March 2017 with a sole focus to re-establish a company focused on the customer and designing quality pump solutions.

In his limited free time, Simon races dinghies and passionately supports Leicester Tigers RFC from afar.