Mota Engil Mining– Mozambique

Mota Engil Mining

12 High Flow Pumpsets supplied within 3 months

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Mota Engil Mining

DXB Pump & Power was approached by a European mining focused buying house to supply twelve high flow pumpsets for an international mining company based in the Tete region of Mozambique in under three months.

Whilst other pump manufacturers baulked at the short delivery period, DXB Pump, spoke with key suppliers such as Cornell Pump and Caterpillar, to identify whether this was possible and after confirmation, quoted the twelve pumpsets with three months delivery.

Following the successful tendering process, an order was placed on DXB Pump & Power with strict penalties as part of the finance agreement and the company immediately began the process of designing the pumpsets for Mota-Engil.

With twelve CAT and Perkins engines to be ordered and twelve pumpsets to source from Cornell on the West Coast of the USA, design time was limited to a single week so that orders could be placed swiftly to ensure on-time delivery.

DXB Pump worked six days a week, 12 hours a day for six weeks to build all the pumpsets which had to be designed as trailers complete with suction booms, Storm & Stone protection systems, safety equipment including fire extinguishers and safety lighting.

All the pumpsets capable of over 500m3/hr at heads up to 100m shipped on time and on budget for the mine to install and operate within the twelve-week timeframe.