Malta Film Commission- New Studio Pumpstation

Malta Film Commission’s new Studio Pumpstation

The client required water tanks of 40000 M3 to be filled

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The Malta Film Commission’s new Studio Pumpstation

DXB Pump & Power were appointed by the Malta Film Commission to refurbish the major pump station at the film studio on the island of Malta where dynamic scenes from blockbuster films featuring large water action based scenes were made.

The pumpstation is required to fill two huge water tanks holding some 40,000m3 of water in them with water in the shortest possible time with seawater from the Mediterranean Sea and for the last twenty years had been done by four 400mm self-priming pumps, two of which were electric and two engine driven.

DXB was contracted to not only supply the pumpsets but also design and install all the new pipework in the pumpstation as well as other equipment such as the
crane and control systems, totalling almost €1m in value.

DXB Pump designed two new Stage 5 emission compliant 200kw engine driven pumpsets and one new IEC3 electric pumpset all mounted to three Cornell 250mm Rediprime pumps manufactured in CD4MCu duplex stainless steel.

The pumpstation was completely refurbished including a new suspended floor, new wet well, a new roof, and also all the existing old equipment to be removed before refurbishment began.

The complete pumpstation was designed by DXB Pump, installed and commissioned on time and on budget even though the country and Europe was directly impacted by the COVID19 crisis.