Equinor Energy Company/ Veltec- Scandinavia- Denmark

Equinor Energy Company/ Veltec-Scandinavia

Flow rate over 1000M3/HR

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Equinor Energy Company/ Veltec-Scandinavia

DXB Pump & Power working in cooperation with its rental partner Dansk Overpumpning A/S from Denmark, was approached by Veltec Industrial to offer an urgent alternative to a competitor’s solution whose cost was becoming too high and delivery was under pressure.

The application called for a maximum flow rate of over 1000m3/hr at almost 6 bar to remove some 75,000m3 of water from a crude oil tank that had been filled to pressure and leak test prior to going back into service.

The water being removed had to be pumped through 300mm over a distance of almost 1.5km and therefore the competitor had offered two 450kw pumps to do the job.

DXB Pump who was already in the country visited the site with Dansk Overpumpning and designed a solution using four 65kw 200mm pumpsets that
were immediately available and at a much lower rental rate for the contractor and the end-user. The pumpsets and hoses were supplied same day.

A small team from Dansk Overpumpning, installed the four pumpsets in a parallel/series design allowing for over 500m3/hr to be pumped in each line at a combined pressure of over 6 bar.

Each 65kw pumpset with high efficiency impellers, operated at an economical 1800rpm using far less fuel than a single 450kw pumpset previously used by the contractor.

Commenting on the success of the job, the contractor was delighted with the design of the solution and the speed of the installation and job completion.