Swedish City 2000m3/hr bypass

2000m3/hr bypass

DXB Pump & Power 200mm WW500/25 pumpsets used in a major bypass project in Sweden.

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2000 M3/HR Bypass in major Swedish City

Svensk Forbindpumpning AB is one of the leading pump hire companies in Sweden, one of the strictest countries in the world for environmental controls. The company specialises in bypass projects for local water authorities, contractors and of course the Government with many projects in historic cities like Malmo and Gothenburg.

After extensive review and cooperation in development, DXB Pump & Power worked alongside the engineers of Svensk Forbindpumpning in developing many new pumpsets up to 450mm in size for their fleet of units that would operate in the most challenging environmental situations.

Combining Stage 5 engines and Cornell Pump high-efficiency sewage Warrior pumps, DXB have designed a range of pumps that now operate in the fleet across the whole of Scandinavia and beyond, satisfying the demand for clean engines, low fuel consumption, and near-silent operation in the heart of major cities.

Specific focus was placed on designing all the pumpsets to operate at or below 1800RPM in order to reduce noise and pollution in the Swedish cities making the DXB Pumps the cleanest on the market.