Open Frame Design (OFD)

In-house designed base skids with integrated tanks and optional Storm & Stone Protection Systems

DXB Pump & Power design and manufacture the largest range of portable pumpsets in the UK. In fact, the company is the only 100% British owned manufacturer focused only on designing, manufacturing and selling such high performing pumps.

With over fifty years of combined experience, and partnering with key suppliers such as Cornell Pump, ABB and Caterpillar, DXB Pump & Power has been able to incorporate the finest pumps offering the highest levels of hydraulic performance with the best possible engines and motors.

Through this combination, our pumpsets offer you the least expensive lifetime cost of ownership, the smallest carbon footprint and most importantly a locally made and supported solution to your pumping requiments in the UK.

Our range of OFD pumps are defined by their output at Best Efficiency Point (BEP) choosing your pump therefore is now based on your own specific need and not how large the pump is. If you require 500m3/hr at 4 bar for a washplant then the s500/40 is a perfect choice or if alternatively you may require 180m3/hr at 85m of head to dewater yor quarry, then choose one of the higher pressure pumpsets such as the hh200/95 which combines the pump performance with the most advanced 4-cylinder engine.