Canopy Pumpsets (SAP)

Sound attenuated, fully bunded pumpsets complete with integrated fuel tanks

Our range of Sound attenuated, fully bunded (SAP) pumps are defined by their performance at Best Efficiency Point (BEP) so choosing your pump is now based on your own specific need and not how large the pump is, so if you need 300m3/hr at 2 bar for a washplant then the new environmentally sensitive Tier 4, e300/20 is a perfect choice or if you require 180m3/hr at 85m of head then choose one of the higher pressure pumpsets such as the e200/95.

All of the e-range of pumps are designed around a very high efficiency pump end and the very latest Stage 4 engines utlising the highest quality engine technology minimising harmful emissions such as particles, CO2  and of course noise.

For those organisations that have no need for the latest environmentally focused pumpsets, DXB is one of the few manufacturers in the UK with the ability to supply Tier 3b powered pumpsets for those regions and applications that require less maintenance.