General Industry Range (GI)

The General Industry Range

Pumpsets based on extensive experience in the Oil, Gas, and Rental markets

With a range of pumps from 50mm to 450mm in size considered standard products, the available performance of flows up to 3000m3/hr and pressures to 25 bar are second to none in the portable Rediprime markets.

Used by specialist pump hire companies around the world, the DXB range of portable pumps include those built in stainless steel for corrosive applications, hard iron for slurry and abrasive pumping and finally ductile iron with CA6NM stainless steel impellers for standard applications such as tank filling, pipeline testing and crude oil storage tank cleaning.

Designed for the pump hire markets around the world, all pumpsets up to 300mm in size come complete with integrated SAE mounting to the engine ensuring alignment and speedy maintenance on the pumpsets underlining the demand for low downtime and high utlisation of the equipment.

Rundry mechanical seals, 50cfm priming systems and superior materials of construction ensure the ruggedness of design combined with compact and innovative packaging means no other pumpsets are capable of such high performance with such low emissions and overall size or weight critical for rental in confined space or reduced site sizes.

All DXB Pump & Pumpsets up to 450mm in size are designed to ship in standard ISO containers or be air freighted in standard cargo planes to be deployed rapidly anywhere in the world at short notice something not other manufacturer offers in terms of product performance and flexibility.

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