DXB Range of Pumpsets

Pumpsets by your market

DXB Pump and Power design a range of modular product pumpsets. This enables us to operate in each of our key markets without compromising on quality or performance.

Identify which market you operate in, and what your application is, and then go to the page to see a variety of pumpsets for your demands.

Incorporating Stage 5 emission compliant engines with its unique “Warrior” pump ends. These are able to handle the most challenging wastewater applications including raw sewage containing rag and other solids. Whilst maintaining efficiencies of up to 85% – almost double that of other pumps.

Around your clock, around your world is the fundamental philosophy of the company and that particularly applies to those requiring the work operations to remain dry during periods of wet weather. Such as mines in tropical regions to construction sites along coastlines and rivers.

Designed using almost 30 years of experience the DXB Pump and Power slurry pumpsets uses the MP & SM range of mining and quarrying pumps. With flows up to 1400m3/hr and pressures up to 15 bar with efficiencies up to 78% whilst still passing solids up to 75mm.

Used by specialist pump hire companies around the world, the DXB range of portable pumps include those with built in stainless steel. Used for corrosive applications, hard iron for slurry and abrasive pumping, and finally ductile iron with CA6NM stainless steel impellers for standard applications such as tank filling or pipeline testing.

In addition to DXB’s standard ranges we also manufacture pumpsets that exceed the industry standard. With sizes ranging from 6” to 30”, flows of up to 9,500 m3/hr & pressures of up to 25bar are achievable.

Tank cleaning pumpset