Dewatering Range (DE)

The Dewatering Range

The most technically advanced pumpsets in the world.

Around your clock, around your world is the fundamental philosophy of the company and that particularly applies to those requiring the work operations to remain dry during periods of wet weather such as mines in tropical regions to construction sites along coastlines and rivers.

No job is too small, too large, or too deep for DXB Pump & Power with the broadest range of dry prime dewatering pumps from 50mm to 750mm in size capable of flows up to 8000m3/hr and pressures in excess of 25 bar.

Our standard designs are available either in basic open skid design or at the other end of the range is the acoustic enclosed, fully bunded canopies and containers with integrated fuel tanks certifications to CSC standards allowing for international shipping.

Powered by Stage 5 engines for European markets, Tier 4 Final for the Americas, and finally, Stage 2-3 for lesser compliant markets, all of DXB Pump & Power pumpsets are specifically designed for the most arduous applications. Including those seen offshore, mines in remote regions, and of course geographically remote regions like the Arctic regions, Africa, or Middle Eastern deserts.

Available in sizes from 38mm to 750mm in size capable of flowrates up to 8000m3/hr and pressures in excess of 25 bar.

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