DXB Pump & Power® is a privately owned, specialist pumpset manufacturer. We design and build pumping solutions for dewatering, flood control, wastewater, and other industrial applications, such as tank cleaning and pipeline testing in oil & gas markets.

Designed using premium components from Cornell and Hydratech in the USA, we are the UK’s leading supplier of dry-prime portable and fixed installed pumpsets. These are driven by either electric motor or diesel engines up to 1500kw. With careful in house design and engineering, our pumpsets are capable of flows over 8000m3/hr, heads beyond 400m, or passing solids up to 250mm.

DXB Pump & Power also packages specialist pumpsets for use in ATEX or Rigsafe applications. Including API610 pumps. These are generally engine driven in canopies for portable use and temporarily installed pumpsets, such as those seen in tank cleaning applications.

Our company specialises in portable solutions often built-in Sound Attenuated, fully bunded canopies. They feature options such as four point lifting, telemetry.

DXB Pump – Around your clock, around your world®


Available in sizes between 38mm to 750mm. Capable of flows up to 8000m3/hr, and pressures over 25 bar.

Available in sizes between 100mm to 300mm. Capable of flows up to 1200m3/hr and pressures over 6.5bar

Available in sizes between 50mm to 200mm. Capable of flows up to 1400m3/hr and pressures up to 15 bar.

Available in sizes between 50mm to 450mm. Capable of flows up to 3000m3/hr and pressures up to 25 bar

Available in sizes between 150mm to 750mm. Capable of flows of up to 9,500 m3/hr, and pressures of up to 25bar.

DXB SAP pumpsets are designed to be the most environmentally focused diesel pumpsets in the UK.

DXB design and manufacture the largest range of open frame portable pumpsets in the UK

DXB can design and manufacture a variety of electric motor driven pumpsets including fixed installed, portable or floating.

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Sound Attenuated Pumpsets (SAP)


DXB Range of Pumpsets

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DXB case studies

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Malta Film Commission

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News- DXB Integrate

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DXB Pump owners launch a new specialist rehire company, DXB Integrate, to supply a brand new range of Stage 5 emission compliant and electric portable pumpsets to rehire partner – 12th May 2020

The owners of DXB Pump & Power, the UK’s newest pump manufacturing business is launching its new specialist pump hire company with a focus on rehiring the company’s brand new Stage 5 emission compliant range of pumps to the European pump hire markets. READ MORE…..

DXB Pump and Power launch Stage 5 Emission Compliant pumpsets for European mines and mining contractors – 25th April 2020

DXB Pump & Power, the UK’s newest pump manufacturer, launched its new Stage 5 emission compliant range of pumps for use in European Mines and mining contractors throughout the EU. READ MORE….

DXB Pump & Power Limited delivers £900,000 order for mine dewatering pumps to African mining company – 7th March 2020

Ipswich based pump manufacturer, DXB Pump & Power Limited has delivered an order of a dozen large portable engine driven mine dewatering pumpsets to a global mining company for ensuring their open cast mine remains productive during the annual seasonal heavy rains. READ MORE….